In France, collaborative practice has moved on quite quickly throughout the last couple of years. Most likely, the number of trained collaborative professionals in France has meanwhile outnumbered all the other European countries.

Several professional organizations

The first institutional organization of collaborative professionals in France was the Association Française des Praticiens du Droit Collaboratif. Founded in 2009, the association has meanwhile set up a comprehensive homepage including an instructive video on seven crucial questions of collaborative law (see the similar videos in English and German language). In 2011, another institution was founded: the Association des Professionnels Collaboratifs Interrégionale.

Convention de procédure participative

In early 2012, article 37 of statute No. 2010-1609 was enacted, inserting the new articles 2062 et seq. to the French Civil Code (code civil). On this legal basis, two parties to a conflict can now agree on a convention de procédure participative, which is basically a cooperation pledge combined with a temporary action waiver. It is valid as long as the other party complies with the mutual cooperation commitment. However, the disqualification agreement, which is widely held crucial for the functioning of collaborative practice in the US, is not part of the said convention; thus parties who would like to join a collaborative process have to explicitly agree to the lawyer disqualification.