Read about Collaborative Law!


The collaborative law community has released a number of notable publications, most of them in the English language. These are powerful resources, especially for lawyers who want to learn more about collaborative law and the breadth of its application.

Selected publications:

“Why Use Collaborative Law?” (Martin Engel)

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Why use collaborative law“Collaborative Divorce Handbook” (Forrest S. Mosten)

“Collaborative Law” (Pauline Tesler)

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“Collaborative Law – A New Model for Dispute Resolution” (Sheila M. Gutterman, ed.)

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“Divorce Without Court – A Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Divorce” (Katherine Stoner)

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“The Emerging Phenomenon of Collaborative Family Law (CFL): A Qualitative Study of CFL Cases” (Julie Macfarlane)

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“Collaborative Law – Mediation ohne Mediator” (Martin Engel, German language)

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